October 15, 2023

Follow Me- “We Worship in Community”

Follow Me- “We Worship in Community”

In any given generation, there are a number of changes a society witnesses. A few come to mind almost immediately for me: a generation ago who would have dreamed of buying bottled water, or watching a feature movie anywhere but a theatre, or carrying in your pocket a device with more than a million times the computing power than that which put a man on the moon, or ordering anything from alphabet magnets to ziplock baggies from a place called Amazon and having them arrive at your door the next day?

But not all changes are beneficial or harmless. To our detriment, I believe our present culture and lifestyles place little emphasis on the importance of family corporate worship, which is a change from a generation ago when a majority of families in any given neighborhood worshipped together regularly and consistently.

As we continue our journey exploring how to apply Jesus’ words “Follow Me” to real life, this week finds us in Hebrews 10:24-25. These verses represent a small sampling of a theme emphasized throughout Scripture, that of the importance of corporate worship. This emphasis does not deny the significance and importance of private worship, but it does set forth the vital importance of worship with others.

Pastor Flaa