February 4, 2024

Growing in the Savior

Growing in the Savior

I remember years ago when we purchased a one-acre lot and built a home ‘in the country’. It was in a development called Lincoln Lakes just north of Spring Creek Golf Course, and at that time, there were very few homes out there. The first spring we were there, my main project was to plant trees all around our lot, which literally had none. I recall Gloria looking skeptically at my completed project, observing that it looked like I stuck a bunch of pencils in the ground! But lo, what happened over the course of time? These pencils grew into gorgeous trees, and today, one is unable to even see the house from the road!

So what’s the point? I planted with the intent that the trees grow, and we do the same in many similar ways. We plant a garden so vegetables grow, we plant flowers so flowers grow, we consume protein and exercise so our muscles grow, and we read books so that our knowledge will grow. Growth is good, and in all these cases, growth is an anticipated and expected outcome. I believe the same applies spiritually. As we come to Know the Savior, we will also be called to Grow in the Savior.

This week, we will look more deeply into this idea of growth, answering at least three questions: Why Grow? How do I grow? And, Am I growing? Our base text will be 2 Peter 3:18, but other helpful texts to read beforehand would include 2 Peter 1:5-9, Ephesians 4:11-16, and Hebrews 5:9-14, all of which illustrate the principle of growth.

Pastor Flaa