February 11, 2024

Going for the Savior

Going for the Savior

It is not uncommon for Gloria and I to turn on the TV in the kitchen as supper is prepared. Truth be told, if it were all up to me we would be watching ESPN, but seeing that Gloria does nearly all the cooking she gets to choose the station and generally we find ourselves listening to the news. Granted, it is important to be aware of what’s going on in the world, but one reason I am not always a fan of the news is that it is generally all ‘bad’ news…a robbery, a war, a murder, a computer hack, an impending health crisis, rising prices…you get the picture. If you need evidence of living in a broken world, just tune in to any news broadcast at 5 p.m.!!

I suppose that is why all of us savor “good news,” for nowadays, it seems to be in short supply! Our text this week of 2 Kings 7:1-14 depicts a situation of much bad news, but bad news which is overcome with the sharing of the good news. As we look into this portion of Scripture we will learn what makes the good news good and why we must share it, and hopefully, learn to overcome our hesitancy at times to do so.

Lord willing, I look forward to worshipping this Sunday with you and our Abiding family.

Pastor Flaa