December 29, 2019

Christianity on the Move: Ultimate Sovereign King

Christianity on the Move: Ultimate Sovereign King

I have had some discussions lately and seems like there are a lot of people who feel that everything is out of control and it is often confirmed as I look through my Facebook news feed or watch the news. It seems that there is this underlying fear that things will not get any better.

Was there ever a time that things were good? Why is this? Why is it injustice continues to be perpetrated on the weak and vulnerable? Why does it seem that the greedy and corrupt continue to succeed and those who do right are unable to get ahead? Why is there so much hatred? Why does God allow bad things to happen to people who serve Him and love Him and allow those to curse Him and hate Him go unscathed?

These are just some of the questions lead to this idea that things are out of control. As humans we want answers. We want to be able to make sense of things so we can fix it. We want to put an end to suffering and pain in this world, to offer peace to the nations and make sure that every single person feels that they belong. This is the problem. We are trying to fix things. We are taking the place of God. This is why everything is feels like it is out of control because in our sinful nature we want to be god. We want to be in control. The more we struggle to hold on to control the more out of control it becomes.

As we continue in our sermon series in Acts, “Christianity on the Move” we will see in the text today, Acts 12, that God is Sovereign and He will accomplish His will no matter how much resistance there is. It is when we recognize God’s sovereignty that we are moved to tell others about the hope we have in Christ, no matter how out of control things may feel. The plans and lives of all of the people in this world, even the most powerful, are under the control of our sovereign God, who builds the church; we look to Him for answers to our prayers and we live for His Glory and not our own.

In Christ,
Pastor Justin Nelson