January 10, 2021

What the World Needs from the Church

What the World Needs from the Church

“Pastors cry…” We don’t necessarily want to admit this, but it is a reality that is occurring with increased frequency in so many of our lives.

This COVID season has been exceptionally difficult on all, but I believe even more so for pastors as they attempt to navigate the treacherous waters of ministry and spiritual care amidst the raging river of a pandemic. I am not exempt from this, and my own heart breaks at the sadness and travail all of us are working through in this season of isolation, quarantine, mistrust, mixed messages, despair, disruption, and death. Tears flow as a result of extremely difficult decisions and the reality that in the end, no one will be happy. Tears flow from the brokenness that surrounds us and the world in which we live, and from the fact that this crisis has become for many an obstacle rather than an opportunity to grow our faith and to be a light to those around us.

To this end, the sermon Sunday is titled “What the World Needs from the Church” and is based upon Psalm 42:3-5, a heartfelt and transparent acknowledgment from the psalmist as he too grieves over the circumstances he finds himself in. In our grief, may we discover a better way.

Pastor Flaa