December 17, 2023

Follow Me – We Pursue Holiness

Follow Me – We Pursue Holiness

This summer Gloria and I and our boys were indulging in a meal at one of our favorite restaurants. All was well until about half way through Gloria took a bite of her food only to discover a rather long piece of hair…needless to say, her appetite immediately vanished!

It is likely you have experienced the same and it offers an example of the importance of purity. If there is one dead fly in your glass of milk, you probably won’t drink it; if you find just one small dead beetle in your cereal box you will probably throw out the whole box even if it is a king size; and if you discover one hole in a shirt, you probably won’t wear it anymore (unless you are one of our boys!). We can likely think of many such examples, and in them the point remains the same…purity is important!

In the bible, purity is described as holiness, or the state of being holy and absent of impurity. It is a concept that is in large measure forgotten or neglected today, but one that is vitally important to our walk as disciples. Our message this week will focus on this concept in a sermon titled “We Pursue Holiness”, based upon texts including 1 Peter 1:13-16 and Leviticus 11.

Pastor Flaa