February 23, 2020

Christianity on the Move: What is Really Important?

Christianity on the Move: What is Really Important?

A couple of times a year I am permitted the privilege of travel to Haiti for missions endeavors and the building up of believers in the communities and schools of Toussaint and Ti-Riviere. We travel for a week at a time, but are limited to packing everything needed for the trip into a single backpack that can fit into an overhead bin or under an airline seat. What becomes an imperative is to pack only that which is absolutely essential and that which is important for the journey.

In Acts 20, we learn what Paul “packs” in his journey through life and ministry and on the basis of investigation, we learn what should be important to us as well.

I look forward to learning with you, what is really important for us in life and in ministry. Please take time to read this chapter as the Lord prepares your own heart for worship.

Pastor Flaa