January 24, 2021

What’s My Purpose?

What’s My Purpose?

“Who made God?” “How does the Holy Spirit live in me?” “If God is so strong, why doesn’t He just smash Satan?” “If God said it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone, why didn’t He make Himself a wife too?” These are all great questions, often postured by children to parents and pastors, and speaking from experience, they are not always easy to answer!

As the above questions make us smile and think, there is another big question we must respond to, but one that I believe is much easier to answer: “Why am I here; what is my purpose?”

This is a most urgent question, and one we are all answering day by day as we live in this world. Initially I believe our response is to over-analyze the question, thinking if we meditate and ponder upon it long enough and hard enough there will come to be some dazzling light display in the sky that will provide the answer for you. How about you let me put your mind at ease? Looking to God’s word we will discover this question, perhaps life’s most penetrating and important, has a relatively simple and straightforward answer, an answer we will dig into on Sunday.

As you prepare this week it will be helpful to read Isaiah 43-44 for some context as we look specifically to Isaiah 43:7 and respond biblically to the question “why am I here?”

Pastor Flaa