June 2, 2024

Praise is Becoming

Praise is Becoming

It is only a personal observation, but one that is nearly universal I believe—that of having a reason for all that we do. Why do I walk nearly every day and limit my visits to Pizza Ranch? Because many of my pants are too tight to wear! Why do I drink 3 pots of coffee every day? Because I am addicted! Why do I route many of my trips around town by my local Kwik Star? Because I need a Mega Buddy Diet Coke! The examples for all of us here are nearly endless, but you get the picture…there is likely a motive or reason for everything we do.

Our text for this week, Psalm 33, recounts the same but in a far more serious endeavor—that of our praise, worship, and adoration of the Lord. Why do we do this? Join me on Sunday and find out!

Lord willing, I look forward to seeing you and your family for worship this week.

Pastor Flaa