August 15, 2021

Do Not Fret

Do Not Fret

One big problem we face in living in a fallen and sinful world is that often it appears that the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer. As Christians, how are we supposed to respond when we are taken advantage of for doing the right thing? Sometimes it may seem like it does not pay to do the right thing and we fret because we may think that everyone has it better than us. When we see the “bad guys” win, we can be tempted to doubt the goodness of God.

King David was a man who was familiar with injustice for doing the right thing. He was a man who was anointed as the rightful king of Israel as a young man, but spent a large part of his early life running from King Saul who was constantly trying to kill him. Even when David had a chance to kill Saul and claim his rightful throne, David spared his life. To make matters worse, for doing the right thing, David again was pursued by Saul who tried to kill him again. However, David never wavered in His faith in God. As an old man David wrote Psalm 37, he shared his insights on this problem of personal injustice. In this Psalm he reflects on the wisdom that he gained from walking with God.

This Sunday we are going to be looking at the first 9 verses of Psalm 37. What we will see is that we do not need to fret because God is the source of our contentment, He is the source of our Justice and He is the source of our forgiveness.

Pastor Justin Nelson