September 22, 2019

Christianity on the Move: The Holy Spirit Comes

Christianity on the Move: The Holy Spirit Comes

It has been my experience that there is no ignoring the presence of fire, for its evidences are very clear, whether the sight of smoke or flame, the smell, or even its after effects. When there has been a fire, you know it! Speaking of fire…for most of the grandkids, and this one in particular, a favorite place on Grandpa’s farm was the ‘burn barrel’, a 55 gallon metal drum with slits cut in the side and an open top in which we threw all of our household garbage. I loved playing by the burn barrel, and on more than one occasion, lighting it up after tossing various items of interest into it, i.e. big cardboard boxes, plastic jugs, D batteries, firecrackers, and so forth. Mom knew of this hazard and prohibited me from such activity, but succumbing to temptation, I did not always obey her. And yet, she always knew—either from the smoke billowing forth over the hill, or my clothes, which would stink when I came in!

Our text this time speaks in a similar manner regarding the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the early church, which was evidenced in sight, sound, and even strange speech. By these miraculous evidences (including tongues looking like flames), there was to be no missing it!

As you prepare for this message, please take opportunity to review the text of Acts 2:1-15, which will detail the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost and based upon this text we will be able to apply truths about our own lives and the filling of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Flaa