October 20, 2019

Christianity on the Move: Rock the House

Christianity on the Move: Rock the House

Have you ever day-dreamed about “rocking the house?” Meaning, according to current slang, “to elicit an enthusiastic response from an audience that one is performing for.” You know, being that guy that scores the winning touchdown after a spectacular 47 yard run, or wins the state championship basketball title with a 3 point buzzer beater, or the gal receiving the Woman of the Year award and your acceptance speech is met with a roar of approval and a million re-tweets, or being on stage singing lead vocals or cranking out an Eddie Van Halen like guitar solo to a packed house? Yes, we have probably all been there and done that at some point of our lives, even if we are a little ashamed to admit it!

In our account before us in Acts this week, we will learn of two men who certainly “rocked the house” for Jesus, to the point that the place where they gathered to pray literally begin to shake (Acts 4:31). As we review Acts 4:1-31 this week we will come to discover what it is to “rock the house” for Jesus and how this can be accomplished in our own lives.

I look forward to seeing you and your families on Sunday, and as you prepare this week it would be most helpful to read and pray over Acts 4:1-31.

See you Sunday!
-Pastor Flaa