December 1, 2019

Christianity on the Move: Power of the Gospel

Christianity on the Move: Power of the Gospel

What do you envision when you think of the concept or illustration of “power”? Although this word has many nuances, for this week at least, let us consider it in the context of ‘being able to act or to produce and effect’.

There are many word pictures that come to mind when I think of this idea. For example, when a severe summer storm approaches on the horizon, one can just sense the “power” that is contained in the storm and often we end up witnessing its effects. I recall the times I have been at a tractor pull, and the “power” on display through the beasts of tractors that were competing. And, with one of my favorite old school super heroes in the Incredible Hulk, how his bulging muscles revealed the massive “power” at his disposal. In all these examples, we see “power” on display and are witness to the effects it can produce.

As you read Acts 9 in preparation for this message (and I would strongly suggest you do so, maybe even twice!), keep this thought in the back of your mind, observing what we see in the chapter as the power of the Gospel is on display.

Pastor Flaa