February 2, 2020

Christianity on the Move: Making Known an Unknown God

Christianity on the Move: Making Known an Unknown God

I recall a few years back seeing data taken from a study of some 1500 parents of small children that inquired of how many questions a child generally asks in a day’s time. Any guesses? How about 73!!! I got a kick out of a few funny examples parents offered, including “Why do I have two eyes if I only see one thing?” “Why is water wet?” “Why did swear words get invented if we are not allowed to say them?” And, “Why don’t crabs have eyebrows?” I am certain that parents and elementary teachers with us can attest to being on the receiving end of some difficult questions, and although we may at times ‘dread’ the questions, they truly serve a vital purpose in that for many people, young and old alike, asking questions is the best way to learn and grow.

Along those lines, as you read through Acts 16 for this week’s message, please do so with an eye to questions as there are likely some raised in this chapter. And if you get through the whole chapter and don’t have any questions, take special notice of verse 30, for it holds one of life’s greatest questions.

I look forward to our time of worship and learning this week, and by God’s grace, hope to address questions the text of Acts 16 raises, both implicitly and explicitly.

Pastor Flaa