If we used only one word to describe what God has been doing in our church, that word would be GROWTH. Participation in our worship services has grown. Our Sunday School and Bible Study classes have grown. Our Youth Group has grown. The use of our facility by groups like Bible Study Fellowship has grown. Our preschool and after school services have grown. Our daycare has grown and of course our school, Abiding Savior Academy, has grown.

Growth is exciting and encouraging for a season until we come to a point of decision about our ability to sustain that growth. Will God bring more people to hear the Word of truth? Will He give us responsibility for even more children and more families at this point in our history? We believe the answer to these questions is most certainly, “YES”! God is calling us to even more growth and more impact for his Kingdom. So we’re calling this point of decision “Arise and Build”.

You may have seen signs in the church or heard announcements or attended a Town Hall meeting about this already. But if you are still wondering about Arise and Build, it is an initiative to help encourage our congregation to pray and to give input regarding how we, as a church body, should address the growth that we are experiencing. We have established a series of meetings to help inform our congregation about Arise and Build and to allow for questions and feedback. Our goal is to establish a preliminary plan for growing our ministry so that it can be voted on at our 2022 Annual Meeting on Sunday, February 6th.

Why is Arise and Build so important? Because we have never, in the history of our church, had this many opportunities to expand our outreach and our ministry. God has blessed Abiding Savior Church beyond measure. But with great blessing comes great responsibility. And now we, as a congregation, must decide how we will fulfill this tremendous opportunity.

The most important thing we would ask you to do, is to pray daily for God’s leading and guidance throughout this process.