Worship Ministry Update – January 2024

My name is Mike Borg and I am blessed to be the Director of Worship here at Abiding.  It has been about 6 months since my last ministry update, and my goal in our time together this morning is to point to  what God is doing here at Abiding within the worship ministry.

I believe the Lord is bringing the worship ministry through a season of growth…allow me to provide a few examples of how God is working.

This fall we launched our ministry year with a new equipping class called “True Worshippers”.  The growth I saw among the participants of this class was so encouraging.  The Lord brought a new depth in our relationship with God to all of us in the class (myself included!).  We were able to further our relationship with the Lord through a Biblical understanding of what our worship consists of, and how that is lived out in the day to day.  I truly enjoyed our time together as a class.

Our choir has also seen growth in the form of many new faces this fall!  Many folks are bringing their friends to Abiding and our choir is growing because of it. What a joy it was to put together our Night of Thanksgiving and Praise this past Thanksgiving season. Our choir consists of those who love to worship the Lord through music, with all levels of experience filling in the ranks.  We enjoy our time together, keeping things light and fun while bringing honor to the Lord in song.  If you are interested in joining our choir, please come visit with me today because we started up our next short stint this month.

As we do every December, we hosted many mid week Advent services, Christmas Programs and special events.  I’ve benefited from the growth of our staff team this past year with Ryan Kroger settling into his role as Tech Director here at Abiding, and appreciate his partnership in ministry – especially during the busy season of Advent and Christmas!

Week after week I see growth within our music teams – taking their leadership to new heights in their service unto the body of Christ.  Our goal as we lead the services is to make much of our crucified and risen Savior Jesus.  Through songs, Scripture reading, preaching and teaching – we simply seek to honor the name of Jesus.  I’ve seen additional growth in that many of our team members have been willing to take leadership roles within the teams, further impacting our ability to reach more people. My vision for our worship teams is to see more and more musicians rising up and leading our worship teams.

Our Academy worship team continues to grow in numbers, but also in their experience and wisdom within music leadership.  Many of the students involved in our academy chapel team are now leading music within their churches for youth group and on Sundays.  Even in this simple rhythm of weekly chapel we as a church are actively involved in training the next generation of worship leaders.

Check out this short video of the students worshipping last week.

If you’d like to join us for weekly chapel, we meet each Thursday morning at 8:10am right here in the sanctuary.

This year within our services we’ve intentionally re-focused our efforts upon the public reading of God’s word and on public prayer times within our services.  Our desire is to continually proclaim the Word of God without shame so we can further carry the good news of Jesus with His own words.  We are thankful for the many folks who have signed up to read scripture – and this is yet another opportunity for maybe you to grow in your serving here at Abiding.  If interested, please talk with me!

Finally, this past June we took on Nick Lunde as our worship intern here at Abiding.  We’ve spent much of the last 6 months together in discipleship, training, and leadership coaching – with the end goal of Nick being sent to be a leader in his own church someday soon!  The next 5-6 months we will be sending Nick out into new areas of leadership so he can continue to grow as a leader in the church community.  Even this morning Nick is helping our sister church Living Word in worship leadership.  The Lord is doing mighty things in Nick, and I want to thank the individuals responsible for making his internship possible through their generous donations to the cause.  Your investment is truly making an eternal impact not only on Nick, but on the kingdom of God.

I want to leave you with this incredible encouragement from 1 Corinthians 2:4.

“No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”

Mike Borg
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