Children’s Ministry Update – 2023

I just recently celebrated my one-year anniversary in this position, so it’s been fun for me to look back at the last year preparing what to share with you today.

There are  A LOT of exciting things going on in Children’s Ministry.

I’ll begin with an overview of the ministry.

Our mission is “…that all children will know the Savior and make Him Known.” I use the mission statement as an overarching guide when making all decisions regarding the Children’s Ministry: like what curriculum we’ll teach, what events we will host, etc.

This keeps us on track and ensures that we’re not a stagnant ministry. It also gives us benchmarks to know if we’re working toward our mission.

Our Strategic Map that gives a visual representation of three “pillars” of our program. We strive to “love,” “teach,” and “serve” each of the three people groups that make up this ministry: Children, Parents & our Volunteer Team. The map gives “legs” to our ministry ensuring we’re being intentional in everyday interactions as well as with annual planning.

  • Children’s Ministry includes all children, from birth through 8th
  • Weekly we average 150 children who are actively involved, so you can tell why this is an exciting ministry to be a part of!
  • There are 60 volunteers on our team, some behind the scenes, some directly involved with kids. They are truly an amazing group of people who love, serve, and teach your kids.
  • And, the ministry has oversite from the Children’s Ministry Board.

I wanted to introduce you to those individuals who make up our board. This board supports me, provides input, and helps guide decisions for the ministry. They include: Michelle Schuman, Chairperson; Pastor Dave Ryerson; Kristie Brunick; Rachel Dykstra; Michael Feltes; Sarah Wielocha; Tammy Westergaard; and myself.

Weekly activities are the heartbeat of the ministry.

Each Sunday our team is involved with:

  • Nursery Care
  • FX
  • Sunday School
  • Parent Equipping Classes
  • Activity Bags/ “Quiet Bags in the Sanctuary
  • XP3 (our Middle School program)

Wednesday Night is what we call Wednesday Night WOW for kids, preschool – 5th grade.

I want to share some photos of those ministries to give you a glimpse.

Every week Nursery Care is provided during the 9:30 am service.

There are two Nursery Coordinators, plus a great volunteer team, who provide consistency for babies and parents.

Every week at 9:30, we offer FX, a Family Experience, where we say the ‘Kids Bring their Families to Learn.”

  • Families have a shared experience that they can go home and talk about during the week.
  • FX includes a Bible Story told or reenacted in a creative way.
  • With live music, and a focus on a different, monthly virtue that helps us develop Christ-like characteristics.

After FX, children in Preschool – 5th Grade go to Sunday School. In their classes, the teachers go more in-depth with the Bible story told in FX & this is where the real-life application is taught.

While kids are in Sunday School, we offer Christian parenting classes to support and equip parents. We believe that parents have the biggest spiritual influence in the lives of their children, so it is our job as a ministry to partner with parents.

XP3 is our Middles School Ministry for 6th – 8th Graders

XP3 is based on developing relationships in small groups where students are guided to develop personal spiritual disciplines like quite time, journaling, and a personal prayer life that coincides with their growing maturity level and bridges their faith walk, from elementary school, to confirmation, to high school.

Wednesday Night WOW is a fun, relaxed mid-week experience where kids, preschool to 5th Graders, where we go further in-depth with the Bible story and virtue that was taught on Sunday mornings.

It’s really fun to see the pictures of our kids living and growing in their faith. Fun with purpose.

But what I can’t show in photos is how the Holy Spirit is moving in Children’s Ministry. By listening and following the Spirit’s leading we’re seeing evidence of God at work in our children.

It has been a blessing to watch the students grow in Christ-like character this year, learning to be more sensitive, and kind to one another, learning how to share their faith at school.

And there is a Prayer Movement going on with your children. They love to share prayer requests and to pray for others. Your children are prayer warriors. These sweet children speak precious words to their Lord that blesses anyone in earshot.

It is the joy of my life to be a part of all of this.  I hope in these few minutes you’ve caught some of the excitement of God’s moving in the lives of our kids.

Each year we host several events and our largest one, Vacation Bible School which is also one of the largest annual events that takes place at Abiding Savior, is coming up, June 25-29.

It’s a blast! And it’s our biggest opportunity of the year to share Jesus with kids who might not otherwise meet Him. During VBS our volunteer base grows to about 100 people.

If you want to be a part of God’s moving, there are many ways you can get involved from joining our prayer team to helping decorate the church. We need singers and Bible teachers, people who enjoy crafts and kitchen helpers. There is a place for you! We have a table set up in the Narthex where you can sign-up to volunteer or register your kids.

Thank you for allowing me to lead this ministry. It is a privilege and a blessing for me to be a part of this ministry.


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