Be Still

It was the morning of my birthday – and the only celebration would be the celebration of life for my Dad who had passed away 4 days before that.  I got up early that morning before there were too many people coming to the house. I wanted to spend some time with God because I knew this was going to be a busy and emotionally draining day. I had been reading from the devotional our church provided for us, and God used that devotional to speak to me and calm my grieving heart. Psalm 46 was the scripture passage and Verses 10 and 11 caught my attention. It said:

“Be still and know I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. The Lord of host is with us. The God of Jacob is our refuge.”

Little did I realize how I would need this word to be still. To be reminded of God’s promises when:

  • I became married after being single for 54 years,
  • The loss of my father in law after 2 weeks of marriage,
  • my surgeries,
  • the loss of my mom and my sister in law
  • A worldwide pandemic and my mother in law’s health issues

But nothing prepared me for what has occurred the next 3 months. As we were driving home the last Saturday in October when my husband’s cell phone rang. Since neither of us recognized the number we didn’t answer. When we got to the garage we saw that there was a voicemail. We listened and we realized it was a funeral director in Jamestown ND informing us that Perry’s sister had died. The days that followed were a blur as we planned her funeral, and yet the refining continued – 3 days later I found out that the company I had worked for 27 years for would be closing the Childcare Center where I was employed. Even then God was merciful and gracious and provided another job right away.

God continued to make us more like Him because the following week we found out that my husband Perry had cancer and would need a stem cell transplant in the near future. To say we were numb is an understatement. We had to process all the information that was given to us, and pray that God would give us wisdom. God led us to a wonderful doctor who from the beginning was calm and reassuring, but still the reality of what is ahead would hit us. Perry and I would hold each other and just cry.

Through all of this, God has reminded us that we need to be still and focus on Him even when the waves feel like they are going to overwhelm us. He has taught me that all the things I have gone through have prepared me and strengthened me for this.  But more than that, I am also reminded that not only is it for Perry and my good and for God’s glory, but also to uplift and encourage other believers. It has been interesting to realize that the God of the Bible is still working today, and we can trust and depend on Him. God has lovingly provided for all of our needs just as He promised to do!

He is and continues to be our Jehovah Jorah.

Terri Hoff
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