Jumping Grace!

“And with great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and abundant grace was upon them all.” Acts 4:33

What a mixture of emotions! In a matter of days, the disciples went from the pits of despair to the heights of hope! Well, ministry can be like that. I have no doubt that you can relate.

There are moments in ministry we pray will never come, even though everything and everybody around is telling us they will. And when those dreaded moments happen, like the disciples following Jesus crucifixion, a dark cloud of heaviness weighs us down.

Praise God there are also moments that cause us to jump up and run with great anticipation and hope. Peter had one. Actually seeing that former fisherman run to the empty tomb would have been a treat. Yes, even a 73 year old follower of Jesus, like me, has had moments that mirror Peter’s.

The difference maker is the resurrected Christ. The Source of abundant grace that came upon the first disciples is same marvelous Source of grace that exceeds our sin, our guilt, our trials, our challenges, our responsibilities, our everything!

Now that’s something to jump and run and testify about!

Pastor Michael Brandt
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